​​​Opening Hours

The Tuckshop is open four days a week - Tuesday to Friday from 8:00am until 2:00pm.

How to Order:

Parents now have two ways to order tuckshop for their children
  1. Order via MunchMonitor (download account setup instructions)
  2. Order via brown paper bag 
     If ordering by brown paper bag:
  • Please use clean paper bags only (not plastic) - available at tuckshop
  • Please make sure the writing is clear and easy to read: 1ST/2ND Break, Name, Class, Items, Prices and Total.
  • Please write name at least half way down bag. This is so that when we fold the top of the bag down, the children can still see their name.
  • A separate bag is needed for both 1st Break and 2nd Break.

Orders must be placed by 8:50am.

Extra Information

If change is due it will be put in a white bag inside the brown paper bag. Red dot items: some items require your child to bring the bag up to the Tuckshop for collection (e.g. smoothie/milo and frozen items etc.)

Contact us

Tuesday to Friday - 8:00am-2:00pm
Ph: 3202 0409
Convenors: Megan & Erin

If you would like to cancel or amend an order you have placed please contact the Tuckshop by phone before 9am.


The aims of the Tuckshop are:

  • To provide 1st break (11:00 - 11:45am) and 2nd break (1:15 - 1:45pm) for students.
  • To provide, within relevant government regulations, nutritious food to cater for the needs of pupils and staff.
  • To make not more than a reasonable working profit. 
We offer a wide range of food, from basic sandwiches to fresh and healthy fruit salads, drinks and ice blocks at very competitive prices. We feel it is important to offer a good healthy nutritious menu. We are hoping with parents and teachers support that we will establish good eating habits in the children from this young age. 
On occasion, we run a "Special Lunch", which includes food not usually on the menu. This may be advertised in the Newsletter, Email and Facebook. Please keep a look out for this.

Having a Birthday?

Why not pick from one of our Birthday Packages? You order it, we cater it and your child gets a lovely surprise plus a little something for his/her classmates and you don't have to make a cake. These are available on Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday at one week's notice. Please enquire at the Tuckshop for more details.

Moggill State School's Tuckshop has been operating in excess of 17 years. The Tuckshop is operated by a Convenor and lots of parent volunteers. 

The Tuckshop can only function with volunteer helpers on a roster system. We greatly appreciate the contribution these people make and the committee is always eager to hear comments from the school community. The Tuckshop is a great place to meet other parents and the children enjoy having parents in the school. 

Does the company you work for have promotional material or giveaways? We have different promotions during the year and are always looking for promotion material e.g. balloons, pens, pencils etc. This is another way to support the Tuckshop.


With the Tuckshop being open from Tuesday-Friday each week throughout the term, we need two to five parents (depending on the day) to keep the Tuckshop running smoothly. ​

We try to accommodate most parents by having options of: once-a-term, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, a full day, a half day or even an hour. The children love to see their parents or grandparents working at the Tuckshop so please come along and help out if you can. You also get the opportunity to make some new friends in the school community. 

If you can volunteer, please email:​ 

Do you have little ones? Not a problem, some of our mothers in the past with little ones have arranged a "Swap Day". Once a month they would work out a day suitable where one mother works on Tuckshop and the other minds the children and then vice versa. 
Unfortunately, no little ones are allowed in the Tuckshop for safety reasons.

Food Facts

Fresh fruit e.g. grapes, watermelon, mandarins, etc. will be available when in season. 
Apples will be peeled on request. Apple slinky is a popular option.
All sandwiches & rolls are unbuttered and unsalted. If required please mark on bag. All food is cooked fresh for each Break. 
Tuckshop food is categorised as Green, Amber and Red foods. There are two days each term for "Red" Foods. The majority of the menu is green, with a small proportion of amber foods.​
Last reviewed 08 September 2023
Last updated 08 September 2023