​Moggill State School has a strong sporting tradition and prides itself on promoting participation, teamwork and sportsmanship. The school has excellent sporting facilities including a multi-purpose hall that allows activity to continue throughout all weather conditions. Students participate in weekly HPE lessons with a specialist HPE teacher. Lessons address a range of physical skills throughout the year with learning experiences designed for students to achieve success and develop a lasting positive attitude towards physical activity.  The main focus in the lower school is the development of basic skills and movement patterns whilst in the upper school the focus shifts to exposing students to a broader range of physical activities and learning more advanced sports specific skills. External sporting groups are engaged in HPE lessons at various stages throughout the year to assist with students' skill development. These include QLD Tennis, AFL QLD, NRL, QLD Rugby, and QLD Baseball. Many of these sporting groups also offer outside school hours sporting programs for students of all ages on the school grounds. 


During Term 1 and Term 4, students in Years 1 – 6 participate in swimming lessons as part of the HPE Program. Lessons are delivered by fully qualified staff at Bellbowrie Pool and the HPE Specialist. Students travel to and from the pool by bus. Payment and parental permission is required as per the invoice payment date, and covers the cost of pool entry, lessons and bus travel.

Inter-School Sport and Representative Pathways

West Akuna Friday Interschool Sport

Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in Friday Interschool sport in the West Akuna District.  This involves 13 schools.  There are two, 5 week seasons of sport, one in each semester.  Students in most cases will participate in two games each afternoon.  In Semester 1, sports available to schools in the district competitions include Touch Football, Football, Netball and AFL.  In Semester 2, sports available to schools in the district competitions include Flag Tag, Rugby League, Super 8 Cricket and Basketball.  Schools individually determine which sports they will participate in.  Interschool sport is for all students in Year 5 and 6 and we encourage maximum participation.​

Northern Eagles 10 – 19 Representative School Sports District

There are 27 affiliated schools in the Northern Eagles District (10 – 19 Years) plus several non-affiliated schools.  Students are able to trial to be selected in a district team.  The selected District team will then trial at the Regional level – Metropolitan West.  Ages for students are determined by the age they have turned by December 31 each year.

There are three major sport trials namely, Swimming, Cross Country and Track & Field.  Students attend these trials based on results from our own school carnivals.  There are maximum numbers that can be nominated and some of these are dependant upon attaining a qualifying standard.

There are a further fifteen sports available to 10 – 12 year old students to trial.

The process to attend the trials is as follows:

  1. The District Convener will send out trial notices for a sport to the schools.
  2. The trial is advertised at each school.
  3. Students displaying competence and the necessary skills in that sport are selected from a school. Names are forwarded to the District convener and students are given paperwork including the principal permission form.
  4. Parents fill out the paper work and return this to the school for the principal or appointed delegate to sign.
  5. Students receive the paperwork back to take to the trial.  This must be handed to the district convener.  NO PAPER WORK = NO PARTICIPATION AT THE TRIAL.

Please note that some sports are limited to a maximum number of nominations per school.  Therefore it may be necessary to conduct a trial at school to select students to attend the district trial.

A student who is selected in a district team will have further paper work to complete to attend the Regional Trial.

For a full list of district, region and state trials please refer to the Northern Eagles tab under the Districts tab on the Metropolitan West School Sport Website.

Click on the following link for the 2023 Northern Eagles District Sports Calendar.

Any correspondence for Interschool Sport or Northern Eagles Representative School Sports can be sent directly to

Inter-House Sport

Students 9-12 years of age, participate in three major Inter-House sporting competitions during the year. These include Cross Country in Term 1, Athletics in Term 2 and Swimming in Term 4.  Students have the opportunity to develop their skills in these areas during PE lessons and lunch time or outside school hours training sessions. The main focus of these events is to encourage house spirit and participation of all students. Students aged 10 – 12 years who perform at the highest level in their events are invited to join the Moggill State School team to compete in the Northern Eagles Trials.

Students in Prep - Year 3 participate in Cross Country in Term 2 and Junior Sports Day in Term 3.

Other Inter-House competitions are organised for the upper school students throughout the year in sports including but not limited to futsal, touch, handball, softball and cricket.


The student population is divided evenly into Moggill's four sporting houses. Newly enrolled students with siblings already attending school are placed in the same sporting house as their siblings. 

The sporting houses and colours are:

  • Apollo - Red
  • Mercury - Blue 
  • Pegasus - Green
  • Thor - Yellow
Last reviewed 23 March 2023
Last updated 23 March 2023