Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

MSS offers a comprehensive curriculum program from Prep to Year 6 that is consistent with Education Queensland policies and is focused on learning for life. All key learning areas (KLAs) are included. We are proud of the school’s record of high academic achievement. The school assists students to reach their full potential in all areas. To achieve this, our school offers a balanced program of academic, social, physical and cultural activities. Many of Moggill’s students are actively involved in extra-curricular activities and supplementary and support programs facilitated by the school. These activities and programs are outlined below.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular activities consist of:

  • Beginner, Junior and Senior Choral groups
  • External Testing Program – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Writing and English.
  • Enrichment and Extension Programs, including – Robotics, Excellence Expo, Opti-Minds, Maths Teams Challenge, Young Scholars’ Program, Mathletics, BRAINWays​ Days of Excellence, Regional Literacy and Numeracy programs of excellence
  • Instrumental Music Program, including Strings Ensembles and Junior and Senior Concert Bands
  • Author-in-Residence
  • Interschool Sporting Programs
  • School Camps Program – Year 6 Tangalooma Camp and Year 5 Runaway Bay Camp
  • Senior School Leadership Program, including Student Council
  • Environmental Group, Gardening Club and sustainable awareness activities
  • Performing Arts Program – Prep to Year 6
  • Pathways to Peace Program
  • PAUSE Program - Prep to Year 6
  • Pastoral Care Program
  • Perceptual Motor Program

Parent Volunteers

If parent volunteers are required for excursions, the Teacher shall send out an email and will also advise whether it is a random draw or first come first serve attendance basis.

In the instance of the Year 6 school camp to Canberra, all parent names are put into a bucket and a random draw occurs. We require 2 male and 2 female parent helpers for this trip.

Payment of School Fees

Fees for extra-curricular items are calculated on a cost recovery only basis and as such, the school budget cannot meet any shortfalls in funding. For more information, please read the 'No Pay, No Go' guidelines.

Highly Capable Student Program

As a Qld Academies Partnership School, Moggill is able to offer workshops and programs both during and after school time, to extend our academically capable students. 

Through our extensive school music program and participation in the combined schools’ Creative Generation performances, we provide opportunities to extend and develop the skills of our artistically talented students. 

In-school clubs like Opti-Minds, STEM Club and Readers Club, challenge our students to use and extend their thinking and problem solving skills.

Moggill State School teachers are constantly looking for engaging and exciting opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of learning experiences for our students, encouraging them to do and be their best.

Basic details about the Highly Capable Student Program can be found in the image below:

gtprogramgraphic.pdf (646Kb)

Last reviewed 25 February 2022
Last updated 25 February 2022