The P&C exists to help provide our children with the best possible learning and school environment. Sometimes this is by being involved in discussion and decision making within the school, but more often by way of raising funds to purchase equipment and paying for work to be done. Here you will find a summary of major projects funded by and/or coordinated by the members of the P&C in the past and what is planned.

  • Outdoor Education Area between E-Block and the Hall - $170,000 committed to Stage One
  • Replacement of Interschool Sports Uniforms - $10,000 approved February 2019
  • Air Conditioner and Interactive Touch Screens Replacement Program - $20,500 approved to March 2019
  • Subsidising the Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre (PEEC) excursions by $10 per student

$122,000 was donated to Moggill State School from the P&C Association during 2018. Some of the resources these funds were allocated towards:

  • Air Conditioners installed in the four new classrooms in E-Block - $34,000
  • School Mini-Master Plan Drawings - $14,300
  • Classroom and Library Resources - $23,300
  • Replacement Air Conditioning Units - $15,000
  • Replacement Interactive Touch Screens - $15,000
  • Subsidising the PEEC excursions by $10 per student - $7,840
  • Maintenance and Electrical Work - $9,000
$111,000 was donated to Moggill State School from the P&C Association during 2017. Some of the resources these funds were allocated towards:
  • Air Conditioners - $18,903
  • Computers - $30,000
  • IPads - $17,000
  • Hall Staging and Drapes - $12,000
  • School Readers - $14,000
  • PEEC Excursions - $7,360
  • Media Room - $7,545
  • Mural - $900
  • Choir Risers - $3,000
$167,000 was donated to Moggill State School from the P&C Association during 2016. Some of the resources these funds were allocated towards:
  • Terracing for Oval Seating - $75,000
  • Oval Bore - $24,000
  • Bubblers - $15,000
  • School Readers - $30,000
  • PEEC Excursions - $6,500
  • Media Room Expenses - air conditioning / blinds - $10,700
  • Mural - $1,400
$45,000 was donated to Moggill State School from the P&C Association during 2015. Some of the resources these funds were allocated towards:
  • Computer resources (tablets) - $31,000
  • Cooling System in the Hall - $12,000
  • 30 Trestle Tables - $1,000
2010-2014 Highlights: 
  • Upgrade of the Tennis Courts to the Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Facility (over $150,000 in Brisbane City Council and Smart School Subsidy grants) – 2014/2015
  • Installation of Wireless Internet access for the School - $30,000 - 2014
  • Media Room - Multipurpose Open-Plan Room, complete with Laptop and Data Projector - $150,000 - 2011/2012
  • Interactive Whiteboards and Projects in EVERY Classroom - including some specially modified mobile boards for Prep classess
  • Air Conditioning - complete of Installation of Air Conditioning to all Classrooms (project of >$100,000 over several years) - completed 2011
  • Covered Walkways - Links to all Classrooms now gives everyone all-weather access, including to the Hall and Resource Centre
  • Concrete Area - New Retaining Wall, Drainage and Concreting near Prep Classroom, no more mud to walk through in wet weather - $32,000 - 2010/2011
  • Classroom-specific Resources (readers, art, maths, science, computers, play equipment [prep], games etc) - $160,000 - 2010-2014
  • Hall - Multi-million Dollar Facilities, funded by the Federal Government Building Education Revolution (BER) fund, partially funded by P&C - 2010
  • Electronic Noticeboard - Coordinated by P&C with funds donated by Prof Neville Marsh
  • The P&C will continue to assist with Air Conditioning, Interactive Whiteboards and Computers/Technology as the need arises
  • Additional resources and materials in classrooms and general learning areas, music, sport and the resource centre will always be a priority for both the school and the P&C. As the school identifies areas of need, the P&C will always consider funding these items.

Raising Funds - This is where YOU can help:

***NOTE: None of the P&C executive and members are paid to do what we do. We rely totally on volunteers and the support of the many wonderful parents we have here at Moggill. ***

  • Volunteer for events
  • Volunteer 'behind the scenes' - such as leaflet design, contacting people, writing newsletters, seeking donations, writing grant applications, chasing quotes for projects etc
  • Specialist skills or areas of expertise that you could offer - eg: running a BBQ, baking, electrical set-up, have a large trailer for shifting things for events, DJ etc. Please let us know!
  • Let us know if you own or work in a business which could quote for jobs (to reduce the time spent looking for tradesmen etc) or loan equipment for our events
  • Ideas and suggestions for projects which will enhance the school environment. Suggestions may be placed into the P&C Box in the school office or emailed to the above address.
  • Join the P&C and receive monthly minutes to keep up to date with what is happening.
  • Everyone is welcome to come to the P&C meetings held on the 4th Wednesday each month at 7pm in the Resource Centre. Most meetings are finished by 9pm and we are a very happy, friendly bunch. It is a great place to get to know the “ins and outs” of the school, what is happening and to meet parents from other grades.

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Last reviewed 24 June 2020
Last updated 24 June 2020