Curiosity and Powerful Learning School Improvement Strategy


As part of our Curiosity and Powerful Learning school improvement strategy, our school staff have been working on the Moggill State School NARRATIVE. This is our school's story of WHO we are, WHAT we believe and WHAT we will commit to. Please take a moment to read through our DRAFT Narrative below. Your feedback would be appreciated and welcomed. As we finalise our Narrative, we will use this to continue to strive towards improved learning outcomes for our children.We are:MSS is a safe, happy and supportive place with a strong sense of community. Students, teachers and families are proud to be part of the school. Many families in the community have attended the school over generations and some staff members have been part of the MSS community for many years. The school is well organised with highly functioning systems and dedicated and passionate staff. MSS has high quality facilities that have been added to and upgraded to meet the learning needs of staff and students. It is an attractive and well cared for environment. The school is popular in the area. 

MSS children are CURIOUS and CONNECTED to the local community and wider world. They are well mannered, well behaved and respectful. They are engaged learners and their families have a strong commitment to their education. The teachers at MSS are dedicated, professional and have always been committed to continual improvement of the school community. Teams are effective and supportive and work towards cohesive teaching and learning outcomes. Classroom and specialist teachers, leadership and support staff all work together to create successful programs.

The curriculum is well balanced, offering opportunities for all students to develop academically, physically, socially, creatively and emotionally. It allows for differentiation and challenge in a safe learning environment. The Arts and Sport play an important part in the connected child.

We believe:Our school's moral purpose is having "Every student, Every day - learning and achieving".  Our priority is to ensure that every student is literate, numerate, curious and connected to the world around them.  To achieve this we collect and use data to monitor and track student improvement as well as using it to inform the development and implementation of teaching and learning programs. High quality teaching and consistent teaching protocols are keys to maximising student potential.

We will:As a school, we will commit to professional learning and conversation as a team to support the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Strategy. We will strive hard to build literacy, numeracy, curiosity and connection (to local community and wider world) in our students. We will use data to drive our teaching and maximise achievement and growth. We will embrace the theories of action which support the development of teacher competencies and whole school improvement with a view to providing the best possible learning environment for our students.

We will reflect on and rigorously review our practices and build on our current successes. We will continue our personal and team learning journeys. We will be driven by our own curiosity and love of learning while we facilitate this in our students. We will prepare our students to be independent learners and curious for a lifetime.

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Last reviewed 24 March 2020
Last updated 24 March 2020