Continued School Improvement


Recently, I have had many parents asking me how they can continue to support their children and our school to continue to improve, being the best that we can be. I enjoy having these conversations as we continue our journey of providing the best learning opportunities that we can for our kids.  As part of these conversations, I remind parents of our vision / moral purpose: Every Student, Every Day – LEARNING and ACHIEVING. This is what we set out to achieve every day for students, through identifying the learning needs of each child, followed by providing needs based learning programs for all students. As you would be aware, our 2017 Priorities for MSS are:

-  Reading and Writing improvement for EVERY student-  Numeracy improvement for EVERY student-  A focus on Inquiry based teaching and learning

By ensuring that our focus is centred on developing strategies and resources linked directly to the above priorities, we are making certain that our efforts in the teaching of literacy and numeracy are aligned across the school and consistently taught in the same way, therefore maximising achievement for students. The success of this is evidenced by the whole school student improvement in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy so far this year (especially with the recent release of our whole school 2017 Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN results, showing fantastic improvement again).

In order to achieve continued improvement for our school, it is critical that we uphold our high expectations. Mr Niner (DP) and Mrs Campbell (DP) and I regularly talk to students in their classes and in the playground about 'being and doing their best'. There are many ways in which we can show that we're being our best and maintaining our expectations. Some of these include:

Being at school on-time EVERYDAY (unless unwell or for an important reason). The research clearly indicates that school attendance is the biggest commonality of learning success. Please let me know if we can support your family, to ensure children are at school and on-time, ready for learning every day.

Being in full school uniform.  Students continue to embrace our school uniform policy very positively. Thank you parents for supporting this important aspect of our school culture.

Following the PEACE Code.  Students continue to embrace our PEACE Code. They regularly use this as their tools to follow the 4 school rules. Students consistently use the Code in the classroom with their learning, especially with Being Brave and Finding Help during learning activities. Our PEACE Code is:

     - Care for myself and others     - Do the right thing     - Speak kindly     - Find help     - Turn things around     - Be brave     - Be a peacemaker

Doing their best with their learning. Teachers are constantly working with students in the classroom, encouraging them to do their best work, supporting them through quality instruction and learning programs.   

School improvement is an ongoing journey and one that we can all take an active part in. After all, OUR SCHOOL is YOUR SCHOOL. Your continued support of your children at MSS is greatly appreciated.

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Last reviewed 24 March 2020
Last updated 24 March 2020