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The P&C exists to help provide our children with the best possible learning and school environment. Sometimes this is by being involved in discussion and decision making within the school, but more often by way of raising funds to purchase equipment and paying for work to be done. Here you will find a summary of major projects funded by and/or coordinated by the members of the P&C in the past and what is planned.
P&C Activities Past, Present and Future
Mid-2016 - approved installation of a water bore, pumps and tank for maintenance of the school ovals
New home readers (approx. $30000) – approved mid-2016
Bubblers outside the hall, with more bubblers and seating to be installed around the school before the end of term 3, 2016
Rejuvenation of middle & bottom ovals, plus terracing of the bottom oval (approx. $80000) – 2015
Ventilation system in the hall - 2015
30 trestle tables - 2015
2 class sets of tablet computers – 2013/4
Upgrade of the tennis courts to the Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Facility ($41000 from P&C, plus over $150000 in Brisbane City Council and Smart School Subsidy grants) – 2014/5
Electronic noticeboard – coordinated by P&C with funds donated by prof Neville Marsh
New history curriculum resources ($8000)
Media Room - multipurpose open-plan room, complete with laptop and data projector (Cost $150,000).
New floor coverings (OSHC) ($10,000 in 2012)
Outdoor Classroom was built over the ​​Christmas holidays 2010 (near the vegetable garden)
Computer Lab - computers have all been replaced ($30,000 in 2010) 
$60,000 was spent on classroom-specific resources (readers, art / maths / science resources, electronic equipment, play equipment (prep), games etc.) (2010-2014)
Air Conditioning - completion of installation of air-conditioning to all classrooms (project of >$100,000 over the last few years).
Bubbler for bottom oval (2011).
Hall – multimillion dollar facility, funded by the Federal Government Building Education Revolution (BER) fund, 2010, partially funded by P&C.
Additional OSHC room – in the Hall (2011), part BER funds, part P&C.
Middle Oval – levelling and new turf, to replace oval prior to Hall (2011).
Covered Walkways - links to all classrooms now gives everyone all-weather access, including to the Hall and Resource Centre (2010-2011).
Concrete area – new retaining wall, drainage and concreting near Prep classroom, no more mud to walk through in wet weather (2011).
OSHC Kitchen – brand new kitchen and meals preparation area ($45,000 in 2011).
Retaining wall – senior playground (2011).
Interactive whiteboards & projectors in EVERY classroom – including some specially modified mobile boards for Prep classes.
There are many ongoing costs and planning for future costs which the school cannot possibly accommodate in their tight budget. The P&C therefore have agreed that we need to plan for future expenses as well as to fund more immediate needs as they arise. These are some of the expenses we will be considering and/or planning for:
A project committee has been established to investigate the feasibility of a new change room and amenities block, possibly with music rooms, being built adjacent to the hall. The P&C will partially fund this project along with funding from grants.
The P&C will continue to assist with air-conditioning, Interactive Whiteboards and computers/technology as the need arises.
Additional resources and materials in classrooms and general learning areas, music, sport and the library will always be a priority for both the school and the P&C. As the school identifies area of need, the P&C will always consider funding these items.
Raising Funds - the topic no one likes to talk about.
Unfortunately the only way to buy things is to raise the money first, so traditionally, schools and P&C’s run fetes, have spellathons and conduct pie drives (or similar). We have chosen to have 2 major fundraisers each year, with ad hoc smaller ones where appropriate.
First up for us is the Parent Voluntary Contribution (PVC). This contribution is targeted each year to an area in need of funds, worked out in consultation with the school principal. Examples of what the PVC has funded in the past: Interactive Whiteboards,  classroom resources (such as readers, text books, games, cameras), music stands & instruments, sports equipment and books. As such, we would encourage everyone to make their contribution to this fund to support activities all of our children participate in, in some way. Your children are the ones who benefit from this voluntary payment.
The PVC is $30 per child.
The second of our major fundraisers is Mogganza – our annual carnival/fete. This is a huge event requiring lots of help in the planning, organizing, setting up, running stalls, helping on stalls, packing up. If everyone gives a little bit of time then the workload isn’t too great for anyone. Don’t just say “someone else will do it”. What if they don’t? Then our kids will miss out on a great carnival.
From time to time we will have smaller activities where we will ask for assistance. Cake stalls on election days and at markets, selling drinks at school concerts – if the opportunity arises we will see if we have enough volunteers to raise a little more money.
*** NOTE: None of the P&C executive and members are paid to do what we do. We rely totally on volunteers and the support of the many wonderful parents we have here at Moggill.***
This is where YOU can help:
Give us ideas for fundraisers and events you would like to see in your school
Present ideas for projects which will enhance the school environment
Assist with specific fundraisers
Offer “behind the scenes” support (such as leaflet design, contacting people, writing newsletters, seeking donations, writing grant applications, chasing quotes for projects etc.)
Coordinate an event
Let us know your area of expertise, skill or interest so we can contact you directly for specific tasks (e.g. running a BBQ, baking, electrical set-up, have a large trailer for shifting things for events, DJ etc.)
Let us know if you own or work in a business which could quote for jobs (to reduce the time spent looking for tradesmen etc.) or loan equipment for our events.
You don’t need to come to P&C meetings to be a part of the events and functions run by the P&C. We understand many people can’t come to the meetings however we encourage you to fill in a membership form and get onto the P&C mailing list. The minutes are emailed every month to the full membership and we also email when there are special events coming up and we need help. You then have the chance to help us out and not say afterwards “I didn’t know that was happening/needed, I could have done ........ to help”.
Everyone, of course, is also welcome to come to the P&C meetings held on the 4th Wednesday each month at 7.00pm in the Resource Centre. Most meetings are finished by 9.00pm and we are a very happy, friendly bunch. It is a great place to get to know the “ins and outs” of the school, what is happening and to meet parents from other grades.
For more info, please email:
Click here to download Application for P&C Membership. Email or drop it into the P&C box in the school office. Suggestions may be placed into the P&C box in the school office or emailed to the above address.
Alternatively, contact Leisha Bennett (President)
(this email will automatically be cc’d to The Principal).