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February 14
New Assembly Times

On Monday, 12 February, we commenced the trial of our new Assembly model, with our Junior Assembly occurring at 9.00am and our Senior Assembly occurring at 2.30pm.

Both Assemblies ran smoothly with some new initiatives introduced throughout both sessions, enabling specific information to be targeted at the appropriate age groups.

Parent attendance was very high throughout both the Junior and Senior Assemblies. Thank you for your support of our school Assemblies. 

February 14
Community Links Volunteer Program

Every day at MSS we have a large number of parents and community members who volunteer their time to support students in their classrooms and around the school.

This week on Monday 12, February, Mrs Louise Swann (Coordinator) facilitated a volunteer induction session for anyone who volunteers in classrooms or around the school. It is a requirement that we provide an induction, ensuring volunteers at MSS understand different policies within the school as well as their roles and obligations when volunteering within the school. Our first session on Monday was well attended.

There is another session on Thursday, 15 February at 2.30pm in the Resource Centre. 

February 14
MSS Swimming Team

Last Friday, 9 February, our MSS swimming team represented our school at the Northern Eagles District Swimming Carnival.
Thank you to Mr Tim Gall and Chappy Niki for their organisation and preparation of our swimming team.

Thank you to the parents who helped out before and during the day, ensuring our students were well supported and prepared.

Congratulations to each and every student who participated in the carnival, representing our school proudly. The following students represented MSS at the District Carnival:

  • William C (6C)
  • Molly P (5F)
  • Imogen R (6W)
  • Ella G (6W)
February 12
SunSmart School

Last year we applied to become a SunSmart school. The process involved the development of a whole school SunSmart Policy. This was developed through consultation with our school P&C. The policy is available on our school website and included in the newsletter.
Last week we received news that our application to become a SunSmart school was successful.
School signage will be place on our school fence acknowledging our commitment to keeping our kids sun safe.

February 12
Leadership Induction

On Monday afternoon during our assembly, our 2018 School Leaders were inducted into their leadership roles. The ceremony was attended by Dr Christian Rowan (MP), Senior Constable Dan Egan (Adopt-A-Cop), proud parents, school staff and students.
The theme of the afternoon centred around LEADERSHIP being the business of everyone. We outlined that this includes every student in our school, every staff member in our school and every family who forms part of our school community – WE ALL HAVE AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO PLAY IN SUPPORTING EACH OTHER TO BE AND DO OUR BESTEVERY DAY.
Leaders were reminded during the induction that their job was to lead by example, showing the way forward for their fellow students. We discussed that leadership is not just about wearing a badge, instead it is about supporting fellow students.
School Leaders signed off on Leadership Agreements giving their pledge, assuring our school community that they will be the best leaders they can be, serving our school community to the best of their ability.
I look forward to working with the full contingent of school leaders, supporting them to develop to their full potential as ambassadors of Moggill State School throughout 2018

February 08
Staff Farewell

Yesterday, we celebrated the retirement of Mrs. Robyn McDonald who was our Business Services Manager (BSM).  Mrs. McDonald has worked at Moggill SS for over 20 years. We thank Robyn for her many years of service and best wishes for your retirement!

February 08
Year 6 Leadership Day

Last Friday, Year 6 students participated in a LEADERSHIP day that focused on TEAMWORK, PROBLEM SOLVING and strategies to SUPPORT one another as they commence their leadership journey as senior students at MSS.
Dr. Petrie (author of Pathways to Peace) facilitated the day with Year 6 class teachers. Congratulations to all students for participating in the day.

February 01
Important information – Allergy notification

We currently have students enrolled in our school who have a life threatening allergy to peanut and nut products - traces of which can be found in many foods. Contact with even very small amounts of these foods can cause a severe allergic reaction.

We can all assist in managing hazards for these children in a number of ways:

  • Be mindful of foods that you send in to school-wherever possible, refraining from sending foods that contain peanuts (eg: peanut butter and muesli bars containing nuts or whole nuts).
  • Discuss with teachers in advance of sending foods to school to celebrate birthdays.
  • Clearly label your child's drink bottles and lunch boxes.

Within the school there are additional strategies that we will put in place including no sharing of food, food utensils and food containers. Where cooking programs occur, alternatives to peanut products including peanut based oil will be used. Further promotion of hand washing before and after eating as well as washing tables and benches will occur.

We thank you in advance for your assistance with this important matter.

February 01
Arrival before school

Please ensure that students arrive as close to 8.45am each day as possible. Students who arrive at school before 8.15am are required to sit in the undercover area (unless with a parent or responsible adult). Supervision of students before the 8.50am bell is limited. If your child arrives at school before 8.15am, I would encourage you to engage with our Outside School Hours Care program. Please see the office for more information. Your assistance with this is appreciated.

February 01
Communication with classes/specialist programs
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