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September 13
Safe and Happy Holiday Break

As this is the final newsletter for Term 3, I would like to thank students, parents and school staff for a busy, yet successful Term of learning and achieving. I look forward to returning in Term 4 and continuing our drive towards school improvement, through the delivery of high quality teaching and learning programs. Have a safe and restful holiday break!

September 13
Parental & Community Communication

Being the end to another Term, it is timely to remind our school community that parental and community feedback is important for Moggill State School. If you have a compliment, complaint or enquiry about an issue at MSS, the best approach is to speak directly to the school about the matter, rather than discussing it in a public forum. We encourage you to talk to your child's class teacher or a member of the Administration Team. 

While many schools use social media to update parents of school notices, MSS prefers that parents contact the school directly with a compliment, complaint or enquiry due to privacy considerations. Imagine if your doctor, accountant or banking institution tried to contact you to discuss important matters via Facebook.

A few key and important points to consider when using social media in relation to communicating school matters:

  • Before you post something online, ask yourself if the community or individual really need to know. Is it relevant, positive and helpful?
  • Remember that what you post online is a direct reflection of who you are.  People will potentially form lasting opinions of you based on what you post online.
  • Be a good role model.  If things get heated online consider logging out and taking a few moments to relax and think.  Hasty, emotive responses could inflame situations unnecessarily.

A serious instance of inappropriate online behaviour may constitute a criminal offence and become a police matter.  For example, online content may substantiate the offence of 'using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence' (Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) s. 474.17).

Your consideration, support and understanding of the above information is greatly appreciated. Moggill State School has a strong culture of high expectations, and achieve this through the strong partnership that exists between parents, staff and students.

September 13
2018 Prep Info Morning

Last Friday we conducted our Prep 2018 Information Session. The session provided a range of information relating to teaching and learning practices as well as general school information to prospective families. The session was well attended by approximately 100 parents. Thank you to school representatives who presented during the morning as well as families who attended.

September 13
Term 3 Positive Behaviour Letters

As part of our Responsible Behaviour Plan, during Term 1 and Term 3 we acknowledge students who have made responsible behaviour choices while at school. As part of our MSS Responsible Behaviour Zones, students start every day in the green zone. If students display inappropriate behaviour (in the playground or in the classroom) during the day, they may move to the amber or red zones. Movement into these zones (amber and red) have varying consequences for students. In order to encourage responsible student behaviour, class teachers have identified students in their classes who have remained in the green zones throughout all of Term 3.  I will be mailing home a letter to parents acknowledging this fine achievement for students who have remained in the GREEN zones for the entire Term.   

September 01
South East QLD Cup Winners

Last Friday, our Senior Football Team competed at the South East QLD Football Championships at Western Pride Football Club. Representing the Metropolitan West Sporting Region and competing against champion teams from 5 other regions, our boys won the Senior Boys category of the Championships. Thank you Mr Chris Pye for his time in preparing the team as well as parents who supported them on the day. Congratulations boys!

September 01
Thank you Mrs Williams

At the end of this week we farewell one of our hard working office staff members. Mrs Carolyn Williams has worked at MSS in the office for 21 years and at the end of this week she will be retiring. During her time at MSS Mrs Williams has been an integral part of the Administration Team. In particular, she has been the face at the payment counter or the friendly voice at the end of the phone helping you with your payments. We sincerely thank Carolyn for the commitment and hard work she has put in to her role at MSS. Her efforts and dedication have certainly helped to ensure the kids of MSS over the past 21 years have been provided with the best learning opportunities possible. We wish her all the best in her retirement.

September 01

Last Sunday Mr Niner and I were fortunate to attend the 2017 Opti-Minds competition at Somerville House. Our school had 3 teams entered in the competition. Throughout the day each of the teams participated in various categories with terrific enthusiasm and skill. Congratulations to students who were involved in this year's Opti-Minds program as well as Ms Dimauro, Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Whitefield for ensuring our teams were well prepared and organised for the day. Our Team No. 3 was successful in receiving HONOURS, placing second in their category. Well done! 

September 01
Visiting Principal from Ritsumeikan Junior High School

It was my pleasure to welcome Dr Charles Fox to MSS last Thursday. Dr Fox is the Principal from Ritsumeikan Junior High School of whom has students visiting and staying with members from our school. Dr Fox was most impressed with our students engagement with their learning as well as our Book Week Parade and narrow focus around READING and WRITING improvement.

September 01
Book Week Parade Success

On Thursday students from Prep – Year 6 celebrated Book Week by parading their favourite book characters in our school hall. The buzz throughout the morning was a highlight as student enthusiasm for READING was highly evident. Thank you parents and school staff for supporting this important initiative. 

August 11
Continued School Improvement

Recently, I have had many parents asking me how they can continue to support their children and our school to continue to improve, being the best that we can be. I enjoy having these conversations as we continue our journey of providing the best learning opportunities that we can for our kids.  As part of these conversations, I remind parents of our vision / moral purpose: Every Student, Every Day – LEARNING and ACHIEVING. This is what we set out to achieve every day for students, through identifying the learning needs of each child, followed by providing needs based learning programs for all students. As you would be aware, our 2017 Priorities for MSS are:

-  Reading and Writing improvement for EVERY student
-  Numeracy improvement for EVERY student
-  A focus on Inquiry based teaching and learning

By ensuring that our focus is centred on developing strategies and resources linked directly to the above priorities, we are making certain that our efforts in the teaching of literacy and numeracy are aligned across the school and consistently taught in the same way, therefore maximising achievement for students. The success of this is evidenced by the whole school student improvement in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy so far this year (especially with the recent release of our whole school 2017 Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN results, showing fantastic improvement again).

In order to achieve continued improvement for our school, it is critical that we uphold our high expectations. Mr Niner (DP) and Mrs Campbell (DP) and I regularly talk to students in their classes and in the playground about 'being and doing their best'. There are many ways in which we can show that we're being our best and maintaining our expectations. Some of these include:

Being at school on-time EVERYDAY (unless unwell or for an important reason). The research clearly indicates that school attendance is the biggest commonality of learning success. Please let me know if we can support your family, to ensure children are at school and on-time, ready for learning every day.

Being in full school uniform.  Students continue to embrace our school uniform policy very positively. Thank you parents for supporting this important aspect of our school culture.

Following the PEACE Code.  Students continue to embrace our PEACE Code. They regularly use this as their tools to follow the 4 school rules. Students consistently use the Code in the classroom with their learning, especially with Being Brave and Finding Help during learning activities. Our PEACE Code is:

     - Care for myself and others
     - Do the right thing
     - Speak kindly
     - Find help
     - Turn things around
     - Be brave
     - Be a peacemaker

Doing their best with their learning. Teachers are constantly working with students in the classroom, encouraging them to do their best work, supporting them through quality instruction and learning programs.   

School improvement is an ongoing journey and one that we can all take an active part in. After all, OUR SCHOOL is YOUR SCHOOL. Your continued support of your children at MSS is greatly appreciated.

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