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October 11

Welcome back to Term 4 to all families as well as several new students who have joined us at Moggill State School. I trust that you had a relaxing and restful holiday break. 
It is terrific to be back at MSS after working with the School Improvement Unit in the department's Central Office for the past 6 months. My time away from MSS has certainly helped me to appreciate the great programs, students, staff and families that we have at Moggill. I look forward to continuing our work throughout Term 4, focussing on our explicit improvement agenda of:

  • Writing and spelling improvement for every student, 
  • Numeracy improvement for every student, 
  • A focus on inquiry based teaching and learning.  

During our whole school assembly on Monday we discussed the importance of maintaining our high expectations, particularly in the following areas:

  • Being at school, on-time every day,
  • Being in full school uniform every day,
  • Using our Peace Code as tools to follow our four school rules (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be in the right place at the right time, Be Responsible), and
  • Always being and doing our best in our learning.     

I remind and urge ALL parents throughout the Term to regularly discuss your child's schooling progress with your child's class teacher. This is an important part in ensuring our communication channels are open and we are in partnership with ensuring student learning is optimised. 
We are looking forward to a successful Term of learning. I encourage parents to continue to provide the Admin Team with feedback about our school and ways in which we can further improve our practice. My door is always open and I am always interested to hear your concerns or to celebrate with you the successes we have at our GREAT school! Have a terrific Term.

September 19

During school holidays there should be no visitors on school grounds unless students and families are accessing OSHC and have signed into the OSHC Holiday Program.
I would particularly like to draw your attention to the dates of Saturday, 29 September and Sunday, 30 September where there can be NO VISITORS to school on these dates due to asbestos removal taking place by the Department. Please be advised that you will be stopped if you try to enter school grounds.
Thank you to the P&C for accommodating the Uniform Shop renovation and who are working with the school to clear out all of the items and then restock as soon as possible for the start of the school term.
Please note the Uniform Shop will therefore be closed on the first day of Term 4. If you require any uniform purchases, please take the time to do that on Thursday this week between 8am and 9.30am.

Thank you for your support of a safe school community.

September 19

"That is amazing! I am so thankful to you and your school for your incredible efforts! I cannot tell you how much the families and students will appreciate it. You will have truly made a difference and touched their lives.
Thank you so much for the generosity and kindness that has been shared with the families in Jericho and Alpha!"
Naomi Robertson, Principal, Jericho State School

Last week's activities, the Bush Disco Dance and the Dress Like a Farmer Day was a huge success!
Through these two events we were able to raise over $5400! What a generous community we live and work in and I was thrilled to be able to pass this news on to Jericho and Alpha State Schools.
The support we raise will be going towards the children of the farming families and to provide some support for their wellbeing. The Chaplain who works in both schools will be helping to distribute this through the family networks. Thank you again Moggill State School for opening up your hearts to support our farmers.

September 19

I am very happy to confirm with the school community that Mr Darren Marsh is returning in Term 4 to Moggill State School.
I feel honored to have been able to work with you during his absence and I thank the school community for welcoming me so warmly.
Moggill State School is a great school that values every students learning and achieving every day. It is a school that values kindness and cares for all and I have witnessed this every day during my time here. I look forward to hearing more of the journey that the school takes over the coming years.
So in our final week of term a big thank you to the students, staff, parents and the P&C for working together and making Term 3 a great term for our students.

September 06

This Friday, 7 September, Moggill will be celebrating Teacher Aide Appreciation Day. On behalf of our school community, I thank all of our Teacher Aides for their ongoing support to our school and students.

September 06

Last week I touched on a discussion in the newsletter regarding 'healthy use' of technology. I mentioned there are risks and benefits with online gaming and social media use. After much feedback that this is a hot topic in our parent community and something parents are interested in knowing more about I would like to highlight further what research says some of the risks are and ways we can reduce these risks.
According to Dr Michael Rich "Research shows that exposure to news programming and/or fictional media such as video games, movies and TV shows can frighten and confuse children and in some cases, introduce them to fears that can last into adulthood." Dr Michael Rich goes onto say that "Studies show that children who watched television just before bedtime had greater difficulty falling asleep, were more anxious at bedtime, and had higher rates of nightmares". Often when I am talking with children who have perhaps had some behavioral difficulties in class I will ask the question, 'how did you sleep last night?'. More often than not I hear the excuse 'oh I was up late playing a game' or 'I went to bed at around 10.00pm'. Healthy sleep patterns are crucial to brain development. Below are 4 tips to help reduce screen time at bed time and help children to make healthy choices around their devices. 

  1. Do your homework: is a website that you can use to review some of the online material that children are watching and accessing.
  2. Practice Media Literacy: Help your child to use an inquiry approach to what they are watching. Encourage them to ask questions and understand the motivation behind the media. Talk about anything that they may have been disturbing to watch by reminding them that the 'characters are made'.
  3. Be a Media Role Model: Model the media behaviors that you would like to see in your child and engage in content that is considered age/developmentally appropriate.
  4. Remove Screens from Children's Bedrooms: Keeping media in a common area provides the opportunities for parents to monitor their child's use. Have an open screen policy where at any time parents can watch and join in on what their child is looking at. Removing screens from the bedrooms also minimizes the opportunities for any late night temptations to watch 'one more episode' of that Netflix show (for example).

The above is taken from the 'Centre on Media and Child Health', go to

September 06

This week I spoke with the Principal at Jericho State School and Alpha State School. These two schools are approximately 200km west of Emerald and are being impacted by the current drought.
I was moved to tears myself as the Principal began to cry on the phone when I rang to ask if we could host a fundraiser to support her farming families. She spoke of the students needing to leave school and work on the farms in the afternoons, the stress of transporting water for their herds and the social and emotional wellbeing of the families. She also mentioned how she had felt they had been forgotten prior to our phone call and it has lifted her spirits incredibly. 
I will be sharing more of the Jericho and Alpha Schools journey at our special whole school assembly on Monday and the partnership that we are creating with these schools through offering our support.

To help raise funds for the families impacted in this area please plan on joining us at our bush disco dance on Friday, 14 September and providing a gold coin donation on 'Dress Like a Farmer' Day.

September 06

Last week, NAPLAN preliminary data was released around the country. I can say that the results for Moggill State School are strong. Our students are performing well in all areas of NAPLAN and we are pleased to say that students continue to show growth against like schools. The work for us as a leadership team is now to unpack this data and look at the areas of growth that have occurred and the areas for improvement that are needed. I have been talking this term in the newsletter about one of the school's priorities 'writing improvement for every student' and from the preliminary data received we know that we are on the right track with this priority. 
It is important to remember that NAPLAN is a point in time testing and that the data we receive from this, combined with other point in time assessments will help teachers in continuing to set student learning goals.
Individual student results are still to be released to parents and we will forward these home once they have arrived at the school.

September 06

Thank you to Chappy Niki and her team of chefs from the local churches who provided a special pancake breakfast on Tuesday morning. Also, thank you to the team from Red Frogs Australia and MoccaBella who came along to support the morning. Even with the wet weather forecast the sun shined bright on the chaplaincy activity.

August 31

I would like to remind parents of our School Uniform Policy. In particular I would like to draw your attention to the following points;

  1. Hair that is longer than shoulder length must be tied back/up to keep hair off the student's face and to minimize the risk of head lice.
  2. The length of the uniform must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  3. There is a 'no hat, no play' policy.

Please see the document below that is also available on the school website as a reminder of the school's policy regarding uniforms. This is particularly relevant for our school photo days (Monday, 3 September and Tuesday, 4 September). Students are to be in full school uniform.

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