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August 14

There has been a stirring in the community for people coming forth and wanting to help supporting families who have been impacted by drought. The media attention given over the past few months has highlighted a desperate need for both financial and emotional support for farming families. I have been approached over the past week by a number of parents, staff and students who have asked if we as a school can do something to assist.
Last week 11 of our staff came together and discussed some options for how we can rally together as a school community and raise support. We discussed the opportunity to direct this support towards another school community that is being impacted as a result of the drought.
One of the ideas that has been discussed is to hold a School Bush Dance  (proposed date Friday, 14 September) to raise funds, in addition to a 'Dress Like a Farmer day' (Monday, 10 September). 
As a staff we have some close connections with farming communities. I know that some of our teachers are from farming backgrounds and their parents are still on the 'land' (myself included). More information will be advertised in the following weeks regarding Dress Like A Farmer and the Moggill Bush Dance.

Until next time, (Get your cowboy hat ready!)

August 14

As we head into Book Week I would like to highlight with parents how we can support the development of higher order thinking with our children through their nightly reading.  As a mum I love being home to read with my children each night. As we are reading, I am being intentional about the questions I am asking my children to help them develop as learners and as independent thinkers.   

Parents are often asking teachers what they can do at home to assist with developing their child's comprehension and higher order thinking skills.  I have taken the following information from the Raising Children Network website to help provide some strategies for those special 'reading' moments.

Families and out-of-school educators can play a significant role in encouraging higher order thinking with their kids and teens, even when having a casual conversation.  Asking open-ended questions that don't have one "right" answer gives children confidence to respond in creative ways without being afraid of being "wrong."  After reading a book together, a parent might ask their child a question such as: "If you were that character, how would you have persuaded Timothy to turn himself in?" rather than something like "What was the main character's name in the book?"

Below are more examples of questions to ask your child to spark discussion, make them think critically, and encourage higher order thinking.

When reading a book:

  1. "What do you think might happen next?"
  2. "Does this remind you of anything from your life?"
  3. "Can you tell me about what you read today?"
  4. "Why did he/she act that way?"

    When visiting an unfamiliar place:

  5. "How is __________ similar to/different from __________?"
  6. "Can you explain/show me that in another way?"

    When making an important decision:

  7. "How would you rank __________?"
  8. "How do you imagine __________ would look?"
  9. "What do you think a solution might be?"
  10. "Why did you decide to choose __________ over __________?"

Try asking children and teens these questions in a variety of settings.  Rather than just having a conversation, you can also ask your child to respond to these questions in writing.  Be prepared to respond to your child's answers with even more thought-provoking questions to continue to encourage higher levels of thinking, also opening up the lines of communication between parent and child!  (

August 14

This Thursday is your opportunity to have your say at our 'Into the Future' Master Plan Consultation evening.  Please come along and join with others who are invested in the future of our school environment. I look forward to the great conversation that this night will bring.

August 09

Mrs Di Griffiths has announced that she will be taking long service leave as of Friday, 31 August and then retiring from teaching following this leave.  
Mrs Griffiths has been working at Moggill State School for the past 13 years and prior to that she was a parent in our school community for 10 years. She has been a dedicated and enthusiastic class teacher and I know that she will be missed greatly in this school community and with her class.

I would like to welcome and congratulate Mrs Lisa Allingham to the Year 2 team.  Mrs Allingham has been working across the school covering a variety of contracts and she is very excited to be accepting the 3 day a week position of class teacher.  Mrs Allingham will be working with Mrs Gourlay to ensure high quality teaching and learning continues in the Year 2 class. Mrs Allingham will be meeting the students over the coming weeks before beginning on Monday, 3 September.

Please join with me in wishing Mrs Griffiths all the very best in her retirement. 

August 09

There has been a recent change in the Education Queensland Student Dress Code with schools to ensure that their Uniform Policy allows the right choice (including choice of shorts and pants) for ALL students.
MSS is pleased to advise that this requires no change to the current MSS Uniform Policy, however a small wording change has been made to the Uniform Shop Order Form.

August 09

Further to the letter that was recently emailed home regarding the Author visits during Book Week, we believe in providing students with rich literacy experiences.  This is an opportunity that will enhance student learning and engagement with writing and reading. We are excited to be able to offer the Author visits to our school community at no charge.

August 09

Today I have worked with the Year 5 students around seeking their input into our School Opinion Survey. The parents and student body having a say in this is a high priority for the school in ensuring that we are meeting the needs and upholding what is valuable to our school community.
Details of the School Opinion Survey have been forwarded home. If you would like any further information, please contact Mr Paul Niner.

August 09

I am in awe of the hard work and dedication of the Mogganza team, led by Mrs Rebecca Butler, who worked together to coordinate Mogganza. What a wonderful opportunity it was for our students, parents and the wider Moggill community to enjoy a day of family fun. Mr Darren Marsh was able to be with us as well at Mogganza. I know that he sends his thanks and appreciation to the organisers and the P&C. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the day and helped to make this a great fundraiser for our school community.

The funds raised will play an important part in shaping the future of our school. Parent input into this is absolutely essential which is why we are inviting parents along to attend a special evening 'Into the Future…planning for the next 150 years'. This Master Plan Consultation will be run by Dunn and Moran Landscape Architects on Thursday, 16 August commencing at 6.30pm in the Resource Centre. I hope to see you there.

August 02

Moggill State School is currently undergoing consultation for a whole school master plan.  This process is being run by Dunn and Moran Landscape Architects and involves consultation from staff, students and importantly the parent community. During my short time at the school I have met many parents who have told me their story that their child is a 2nd/3rd or 4th generation Moggill student.  This tells me that families are invested in our school, which is why parent consultation and input into this master planning process will be so valuable.
Allow yourself to dream about what Moggill State School could look like in 10, 20 or 30 years?  What will the facilities be?  What will learning look like?  Take a look around our school next time you are here and think about what is needed to support the curious minds of our students. Then place Thursday, 16 August in your diaries and prepare to come along to 'Into the Future – Planning for the next 150 years.'

Until next time, (see you at Mogganza!)

August 02

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to visit the Year 5 students on camp at Runaway Bay. I can assure all parents that the students and staff are eating well and the accommodation is outstanding. There was some great teamwork happening in each of the activities. Students were giving 'shout outs' to each other and were learning about cooperation, accountability and resilience. Some of our Year 5's also overcame their own nerves as they stepped out and went paddle boarding. 

I look forward to welcoming them back tomorrow afternoon and hearing more of their stories about camp.

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