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May 23
P&C Day

This Friday 24 May, we acknowledge P&C Day. I wish to genuinely thank our hardworking P&C members for the tireless work they do each year to improve educational facilities, resources and student outcomes at Moggill State School.

Our P&C executive and members are all volunteers, channeling their commitment and love of the school, to run fundraising activities, events and oversee the operations of our Outside School Hours, Tuckshop and Uniform Shop facilities, all in their own time! This is a HUGE responsibility.  Just as recently as the weekend, our P&C were fundraising through the cake stall at the recent federal elections, and two weeks ago, running a Mothers" Day stall, providing a service to students to purchase for their mothers and significant others. Every child and parent is in some way, supported by or benefits from the services and funds provided by our P&C.

So…on this P&C Day, I wish our hard working P&C executive - Jacqui Griffins, Rebecca Butler, Jason Phipps and Puji Astuti - and P&C members and volunteers, a MASSIVE thank you for the hard work that you do, extend my deep appreciation and gratitude for ensuring that key services are working smoothly and that the many extras are provided to support students' learning.

May 16

It was great to see NAPLAN get off to a very smooth start on Tuesday, with our Year 3 and 5 Teachers going to great lengths to ensure students were calm and ready to complete the tests, including deep breathing and relaxation, special treats and "genius water" in several classrooms. It was heartening to see students treat the tests as a regular part of school life, and to feel confident that they had tried hard to complete the assessments to the best of their ability. A HUGE thanks to our Year 3 and 5 Teachers and support staff for their work in ensuring that students were well prepared and supported during the tests, to Chappy Niki for providing the pre-NAPLAN toast, and to our Administration and Teacher Aide teams for providing fruit to ensure students received their "glucose" hit before test commencement.

The timetable for the remainder of NAPLAN is:

  • Thursday 16 May: Numeracy (first session) and make-up sessions as required
  • Friday 17 May is a designated catch-up day for students who were absent during the week

In 2020, all Queensland schools will complete NAPLAN online. For many children, online NAPLAN tests will be more engaging, with questions suited to their ability, along with the fact that they will be using a computer or device.

NAPLAN Online's tailored test design starts with a standard set of questions, then as your child responds to questions, moves to questions that are suited to their ability. In most of the tests, students can go back and change answers. Students can also check their progress at any time during the test. Students with disability will be better catered for, as questions will be adjusted to suit the child's ability and learning needs.

With NAPLAN online, Principals will receive student reports within three to four weeks from the national platform, allowing Teachers to use the information to plan to progress learning for each child. Because of the tailored test design, the reports will be more precise, especially for students whose scores are at either end of the national scale.

Whether on paper or online, it is always important to remember that NAPLAN is purely a literacy and numeracy test, at a point in time.

The move towards NAPLAN online will hopefully also relieve both parental and student anxiety, knowing that the tests are tailored to students' ability, are delivered on a familiar platform and the results can be used to support students' learning within a shorter timeframe.

May 09

Welcome to Week 3!

On behalf of our school community, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our P&C Association for their management and organisation of the Colour Explosion Run4Fun, and to the many volunteers on the day assisting this event. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with colour and excitement. And it was clear from the many smiles and laughter that students and staff had lots of fun and throughly enjoyed this experience which was held for the first time at MSS.

I would also like to thank all of our staff and in particular, Ms Tracey Campbell and Mr Mitch Rutherford, for your support and assistance in the lead up and on the day of the ColourRun.

Lastly, thanks goes to our parents/caregivers for your support and attendance on the day as well as the wider community for their sponsorship of our students. All funds raised will be put towards our self-funded school improvement projects.

We hope you enjoy this collection of photos from the day thanks to staff and parents!

May 02

Congratulations to Ms Nicola Cook and Ms Amanda Strachan whose applications were accepted as our parent representatives for our new School Council. We look forward to working in partnership with all school council members this year.

May 02

The Department of Transport and Main Roads provide the service of a Supervised School Crossing.
A School Crossing Supervisor is trained to judge the safest time to stop traffic and enter the crossing. 
A School Crossing Supervisor will stand on the opposite side of the school in the morning and on the school side in the afternoon so that he/she will have clear visibility of oncoming traffic in order to make the safest decision of when to cross children.  
A School Crossing Supervisor will use two blasts of the whistle to signal when it is safe for pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians are to walk smartly across the road and remain on the pedestrian crossing when using the crossing.
As a pedestrian we are reminded to wait behind the "safety toe lines" and not cross until the supervisor gives the signal, that is, two sharp blasts of the whistle. Always encourage your children to use the supervised crossing at your school. 
Adults are the best role models!  Little eyes are everywhere! 
If you would like more information on this or any other road safety issue, please phone the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 QGOV  or visit our website.

May 02

Our Year 3 and 5 students will soon participate in the annual National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests to assess their skills and understanding in the areas of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy.

The tests will be conducted in all state and non-state schools across the country from 14 - 16 May 2019.

An individual NAPLAN report for each child will be sent home later this year. Results provide additional feedback for parents, carers and teachers on how students are progressing in key curriculum areas.

The best way you can help your child prepare for NAPLAN is to reassure your child that NAPLAN tests are just one part of their school program, and to urge them to simply do the best they can. We will be providing students with fruit on the morning as a special treat. I encourage you to ensure your child has a good night's sleep during the testing period, a big breakfast and arrive at school on time. We wish to normalise NAPLAN testing as much as possible, to ensure that students aren't unduly worried, and understand that sometimes testing in this way is just a part of normal school life. Our preparation this year has been focussed just on ensuring that students are knowledgeable about the tests, and are familiar with testing protocols and procedures. At Moggill State School, we do not wish to "over test" students or narrow the curriculum to NAPLAN focussed topics and questions. We know that the best preparation for NAPLAN is great "first teaching" in classrooms, every day.  

Further NAPLAN information for parents and carers is available online. Please contact the school if you have any questions about your child participating in NAPLAN testing.

May 02

As we have a number of students at Moggill State School that have an ASD diagnosis, it's important that as a community, we are aware of and have an understanding of what it means to have autism.

Did you know that 1 in 100 Australians are now diagnosed with Autism? This means that the chances are high that you or someone in your family knows a person with autism. This April we are spreading the word about ASD to help increase awareness about this common developmental condition.  

The following information is from Autism Awareness Australia.

Autism spectrum disorder, commonly known as ASD, affects how people communicate and interact with others. It affects how they make sense of the world. 

Autism is a developmental condition that is typically life-long. People with ASD experience difficulties with communication, social interaction and restricted/repetitive interests and behaviours. These are often accompanied by sensory issues, such an oversensitivity or under sensitivity to sounds, smells or touch. All of these difficulties may lead to behavioural challenges in some individuals. 

The term "spectrum" is used to emphasise that autism presents differently in every single person. People with autism have a wide range of challenges as well as abilities. 

From 1994-2013, Autism was divided into three diagnoses: Autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder and pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). Now there is a single 'umbrella' diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with three severity categories (level 1, level 2 and level 3, in increasing order of severity). 

Whilst some children are diagnosed by the age of 2, sometimes symptoms of autism can be subtle and, especially with level 1 ASD, these may not become obvious until a child starts school or moves into adulthood. 

While there are some shared characteristics, it's important to remember and respect that autism presents differently in different people. 

Autism is not a physical disability so people on the spectrum look no different to their peers.  This can make it difficult for some people to understand why an autistic person might be behaving or reacting in a particular way. 

Many people on the autism spectrum are able to live completely independently, others need support in almost all aspects of their daily life. 

Let's all aim to see each person with autism for the person they are, and not for what we think their diagnosis means. 

Moggill State School staff are committed to building tolerance and acceptance of every student across the school and wider school community. We as a school, aim to promote an understanding of disability issues and fully advocate for the dignity, rights and well-being of our students with disabilities. We are proud to be a fully inclusive school, with the full integration of students with disabilities ensuring students' with a disability have full access to every aspect of school, social, academic and cultural life.

May 02


After enjoying an extra two days off last week, it's been great to have a full week back at school!


We hope all our families get behind our Colour Explosion Run4Fun on Thursday afternoon!! All funds raised by the P&C will go towards ensuring our self-funded school improvement projects can be realised. This event is a whole school event and as such, each student is required to attend.

We have two options available to ensure this event can be enjoyed by all students. There are two separate courses for students to choose from on the day, one with paint and bubbles to navigate, the other with just bubbles (for students that are opting out of running through the paint).

We encourage all students' to actively participate during the event and have worked to ensure this colourful event is a positive experience for all! To help the afternoon run smoothly, please support the following:

  • The day is a free dress day, your child should come dressed in the outfit they want to run the Colour Explosion Run4Fun event in.
  • We will provide sunglasses for every child to wear during the event.
  • Your child can pack a change of clothes for after the event to get changed into. They will be given the opportunity to change after they complete their run (as timetabled below).
  • Year 6 students will run last so may need to change (if they choose to) after the end of day bell.
  • During the event, volunteers will squirt vibrant colour powder in the air, and it will cover your child from head to toe (if they opt into the paint side of the course).
  • Shelter will be provided in the form of gazebos for students whilst they wait for their Year Level to be called to participate.
  • The Deputy Principals and Support Staff will be in attendance to supervise at the sheltered area.
  • A sausage sizzle and drinks station will be running at this event from 1pm, sausages and drinks are available for parents to purchase from this time. Your purchases will add to the fundraising for this event and your purchases and support are greatly appreciated.
  • Parents that would like to volunteer to assist at the event can email us or turn up at 1pm on the Oval on the day.

Year Level run order:

  • Year 3
  • Year 2
  • Year 1
  • Prep with Year 6 and 5 buddies
  • Year 4
  •  Year 5
  • Year 6

The Colour Explosion Run4Fun will take place on the Bottom Oval. Classes will move directly to the oval at 1.45pm for a 2pm start, with all parents/carers welcome to attend.

A HUGE thank you to our P&C Association, and in particular Mrs Rebecca Butler (P&C Vice President) for leading, managing and organising the Colour Explosion Run4Fun.

April 30

Our P&C have been working hard for the very first COLOUR FUN4FUN being held next Thursday 2 May 2019.  We encourage our students, families and friends to get behind the run in what will be a fun afternoon! Funds raised will go towards Phase 2 of our playground.

April 30

A HUGE thank you to Mr Paul Niner for his organisation and management of a moving ANZAC ceremony held today and to the following staff for their beautiful contributions – Mrs Jo Mills, Mr Mitch Hagger, Mrs Tanya Gallagher, Chappy Niki Durrheim and our Teacher Choir Group.
It was great to also welcome our special guests Mrs Maggie Augustyniak, Mrs Helen Capern, Mr Mallett, Bishop Rob Nolan (St Michael & All Angels Church), Mr Bruce Paynter (RSL Representative), Dr Christian Rowan (MP, Member for Moggill) and Cr Kate Richards (Councillor for Pullenvale Ward). We thank our school community and students for their attendance at todays service.
Our school captains Jake O, Mitchell M, Dilmi G and Liezel-Marie R ran the ceremony beautifully and with expertise.

I would also like to extend a very special thank you to the members from the 2
nd General Health Battalion, ADF catafalque party for their participation.

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