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May 16

It was great to see NAPLAN get off to a very smooth start on Tuesday, with our Year 3 and 5 Teachers going to great lengths to ensure students were calm and ready to complete the tests, including deep breathing and relaxation, special treats and "genius water" in several classrooms. It was heartening to see students treat the tests as a regular part of school life, and to feel confident that they had tried hard to complete the assessments to the best of their ability. A HUGE thanks to our Year 3 and 5 Teachers and support staff for their work in ensuring that students were well prepared and supported during the tests, to Chappy Niki for providing the pre-NAPLAN toast, and to our Administration and Teacher Aide teams for providing fruit to ensure students received their "glucose" hit before test commencement.

The timetable for the remainder of NAPLAN is:

  • Thursday 16 May: Numeracy (first session) and make-up sessions as required
  • Friday 17 May is a designated catch-up day for students who were absent during the week

In 2020, all Queensland schools will complete NAPLAN online. For many children, online NAPLAN tests will be more engaging, with questions suited to their ability, along with the fact that they will be using a computer or device.

NAPLAN Online's tailored test design starts with a standard set of questions, then as your child responds to questions, moves to questions that are suited to their ability. In most of the tests, students can go back and change answers. Students can also check their progress at any time during the test. Students with disability will be better catered for, as questions will be adjusted to suit the child's ability and learning needs.

With NAPLAN online, Principals will receive student reports within three to four weeks from the national platform, allowing Teachers to use the information to plan to progress learning for each child. Because of the tailored test design, the reports will be more precise, especially for students whose scores are at either end of the national scale.

Whether on paper or online, it is always important to remember that NAPLAN is purely a literacy and numeracy test, at a point in time.

The move towards NAPLAN online will hopefully also relieve both parental and student anxiety, knowing that the tests are tailored to students' ability, are delivered on a familiar platform and the results can be used to support students' learning within a shorter timeframe.


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