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We need your help!


​Parent and community members who volunteer at MSS make a significant difference to the lives of our kids. In doing so, as a school we are able to offer a variety of programs that meet the needs of students. Our school tuckshop is an example whereby VOLUNTEERS are crucial to its running.

Last Term the number of volunteers who offered to help in the tuckshop was at its lowest ever, and was compounded by our increased enrolment numbers which meant that tuckshop orders were at their highest. Unfortunately, if we are unable to attract volunteers to support our tuckshop convenor, we may need to reassess the operation of the tuckshop and the hours that it is open.

Our tuckshop currently operates for 3 days a week, requiring 3 volunteers per each day. Please follow this link to complete the slip or send an email to if you are able to offer some time to volunteer in our tuckshop. You might be able to offer one day a Term or a couple of hours a week. We would welcome any offers of time that you are able to make. Our children enjoy the service that the tuckshop provides, looking forward to their tuckshop treats and love seeing their parents/grandparents helping around our school. Your help and support would be greatly appreciated, however big or small it can be.

Thank you.

Mr Marsh