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Peace Code

Moggill State School is a peaceable school, with the majority of students showing and seeking peaceful interactions.  At times though in the school playground (and occasionally in classrooms) challenging situations can occur when students are attempting to learn and grow socially, conflict can arise and a child can make a wrong choice behaviourally. No one is perfect, we all stumble at times. All staff at Moggill State School are committed to working to turn these challenging social exchanges around into opportunities to grow and learn.
Sometimes, with students learning at different rates, it is necessary to go through the expectations of living by the Peace Code several times. Rather than a retrospective approach to learning, a proactive approach is best when teaching the desired playground and classroom behaviours required so all our students feel happy and safe at school.
I am making my way through classes at present so as to share in the explicit teaching of the school’s Peace Code. I have been initiating conversation by sharing with students in the early year’s classrooms the book "When I’m Feeling Kind" by Trace Moroney. The key messages I have been promoting include:
• Kindness is a feeling that comes from within and we show the kindness we have within through our actions. These actions include applying our school’s Peace Code (in part): Care for myself and others, speaking kindly and being a peacemaker.
• Kindness is like sunshine because it makes everyone feel warm and cared about.
• Kindness is something you can also give to yourself by being proud of the things you are good at (instead of worrying about the things you are not so good at…yet).
• We show kindness by asking others, “Are you ok?”
• We show resilience by saying if someone says something hurtful, “Just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it true”. We assure ourselves we are unique and wonderful.
• Kindness is not calling names because we know hurtful words do hurt.
I have been setting the challenge for teachers and students to stop at the end of each day and share with one another one thing that they have done to be kind to themselves, and one act that they have done for someone else.

I look forward to getting into each and every classroom from P-3.

Thank you.
Tracey Campbell